The requisite bio

I'm an Associate Creative Director (Copywriter) with over 12 years of advertising experience. I've found that in advertising as in life, a little humanity goes a long way. From TV to digital to social, I've worked to make personal, intelligent ads that start a conversation. Like how does a chemical engineer become a copywriter? Go ahead, ask. 

Wait, you studied what?

Chemical Engineering. I know. You and my mother can discuss why I would study that and end up in advertising. The short answer is, I didn't want to end up in the back of some sewage treatment plant. So now I make shit up instead of breaking it down.

Yes, I'm a nerd.

I love gadgets. If it's shiny and it beeps, I want it and I want the faster, smaller version next year. So since high school, I worked in IT. I continued this track through college and year after into my I Don't Want to Use My Degree (Oh Crap) period. Eventually I decided to move to San Francisco and go for broke in advertising.

But the mail room wasn't hiring.

Strangely, no one wanted to hire an engineer at an ad agency. So I took an internship in the IT dept. Then wormed my way into account management. I think my success as a account exec came from wanting to do something more. And always thinking the client was wrong. After learning how ads are made (and not running away in horror), I fought my way into creative. Now Jason writes copy.